Thursday, August 11, 2011

Davy Jean

A few months ago I made this doll for Davy Jean.  Her mom sent me the cutest picture of her in this outfit and I was so excited to get started on a new creation.

I really enjoy being able to look at a picture and make something from it: something you can hold in your hands, something you can hug... and I love plush!

Davy Jean is a very special little girl and she has a super special family. She was born with an extremely rare chromosome deletion, a cleft lip and palate, Congenital heart defects, and has had numerous other medical conditions (and surgeries to go along with them), yet she is one of the smiliest and happiest babies (okay, toddlers) I've met.

Back in June Davy's grandparents and extended family held a Benefit and fundraiser to help pay for  Davy's future surgeries and current medical needs as well as to support 'Operation Smile' and 'The Unique Rare Chromosome Disorder Support Group'. I made a duplicate doll, like this one that I made for Davy Jean, to auction at the benefit.  It was a beautiful event for a good cause and it was so fun to be able to contribute something little. 
(Here are some pictures of the Benefit.)

Davy's mom, Ruth, has a blog called 'the mom' where you can read more about her journey and other goings-on of their lives.

Here are some pictures of the finished doll along with Davy herself. Thank you, thank you Ruth, for emailing me these pictures! Every single one made me smile!  :D

Seriously! How sweet is this girl!


mel b said...
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mel b said...

So cute!!

mel b said...

So cute!!

Debby said...

Hi. I came here from Davy's Mom's blog.
Adorable doll for an adorable little girl. She said you may open up at Etsy shop. How much will you charge for your special dolls. I have 4 little granddaughters. My email is

meg_5020 said...

OMgoodness- this is the sweetest thing I have ever seen! I also found you through Ruth's site.. I have a little girl who is turning 2 at the end of September, and I would love to get her one of your dolls for her birthday. Is this something you would be open to? Please let me know, either way! Thanks so much!

dmorganfam said...

You are so talented. I am in love with the Davy Jr. doll! So cute!

dmorganfam said...
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Asha said...

I like NEED one of the headbands, do you make those too? I tried clicking on your etsy shop but didn't send me anywhere. thanks