Sunday, December 11, 2011

Toothless: Halloween 2011

  I feel embarrassed that I am just barely putting up pictures of Halloween especially when Christmas is just around the corner.  It has taken me forever to post anything up on this blog, mainly because I rarely get the chance to sit down at the computer without distractions long enough to do it. (Talk about distractions: as I am typing this my cat Larry is on my lap and trying to walk all over the keyboard... Larry only comes out after the kids go to bed and by that time he is starved for attention and wants me to love him.)  So as you can see, I am bulk-blogging while I have the time- this is my fourth blog post in one night!
Let me get to the point:

Charlie has been in love with the movie "How to Train Your Dragon" for the last year, so before Halloween rolled around I asked him what he wanted to be, and by no surprise to me, he said "Toothless" (that's the main dragon in the movie).  I initially asked him that question a few months in advance, and I hoped he would change his answer as time got closer to Halloween, but it didn't. He stuck with his decision to be Toothless. I didn't see any costumes for sale, so I decided to make it by hand. I looked online for inspiration and ideas on how to make a Toothless costume- that helped because I was able to plan the costume better and determine what I liked and didn't like about other homemade costumes out there.
Charlie's costume was made out of recycled black sweats from his dad and grandma, along with other materials that I had around the house, so I didn't have to spend any money to make it... just a lot of time. 

Without the mask.

And don't forget our pretty kitty.

Charlie wanted me to make Eloise a dragon costume too, but because I spent all my time making the Toothless costume, I was burned out and out of time to do anything fancy.  So Elle got to be a super simple cat with felt ears and a felt tail safety pinned to the back of her sweater. She pulled it off nicely.


Brenda said...

Emily, you are AMAZING and so smart. I love you!

Anonymous said...

my son just told me he wants to be Toothless thanks to the suggestion from my husband. your costume is amazing - can you elaborate about how you made the mask, etc?

Anonymous said...

how did you do this? it is perfect.. My son has been asking for a toothless costume for months now.. would you be willing to make one for him for a cost? Let me know if you are interested.. he is going to be 8 yrs old on June 9 and he is about 57 lbs and about 4 ft tall.. let me know if you are interested and how much you would charge. thanks so much :)

Kensington_ Mom said...

This Tootless Costume is awesome...I need to make one for my now four year old son for Halloween...he is in love with toothless and I don't know where to begin. I am not the best at sewing but willing to try...wish I could t
Just by something like this....any advice on making it?

Carl Coleman said...

Seriously how much? My daughter is 4 years old in 5T sizes. She would absolutely flip if you could make this happen for Halloween or any day for that matter.
Thanks. Carl

Rotten said...

Oh wow. You truly are inspirational. Thank you so much for posting this. My daughter wants to be Toothless this year and you have given me hope and some great ideas. Good thing it is the begining of Septmeber. Looks like I am going to need all the time I can get.

Michelle Hall said...

This is by far, the best toothless costume I've seen! What did you use for the head piece with the eyes? And is it Velcro'ed on?

Rachel kastet said...

I know it would take time to tell us, but could you PLEASE let us know how you made the mask?! It is beautiful, and I think my 2 year old would actually keep it on! Thanks!